iSuite Solutions is a leading Web-based Enterprise Management Software

provider. Only iSuite offers the expertise and an intelligent system configurable

through the most powerful innovative toolset in the industry that infuses into any

kind of today’s business.

Salient Features

• iSuite is a next-generation web-based ERP Software developed using Microsoft


• It provides powerful set of configurable toolset to quickly evolve the ERP an Enterprise

requires in a cost-effective model.

• It doesn’t warrant additional coding to be done for further fine-tuning or customization

• iSuite provides:

§ Custom solutions for automating existing processes and products

§ Ability to rapidly modify these solutions as needs change

• A typical enterprise CIO is faced with an evolving business climate – new products, new

distribution channels, acquisitions, etc.

• Internally, s/he faces islands of automation, utilizing silo applications that are often at


• Pervasive automation, needed for substantial cost reduction requires one or more of:

§ a packaged industry solution, with some custom development, or

§ substantial custom development, bolstered by the acquisition of at least a halfdozen

enterprise applications, including workflow, rule engine, document

management, directory servers, portals etc – all these require training,

integration and customization

§ Life-extension projects such as screen-scraping in conjunction with some of the


• We believe iSuite provides a viable alternative!

• iSuite supports:

§ All participants in the business process

§ All business/ sales channels

§ All major product lines

• iSuite provides:

§ Browser & mobile interfaces

§ Application, Rules and workflow processing

§ Statistical reporting systems

§ Sophisticated inquiry & management reporting

• iSuite connects to:

§ 3rd Party systems

§ 3rd Party data repositories

• iSuite Tools can rapidly configure:

§ Carrier specific products and business rules

§ Carrier specific processes and workflow

iSuite- Design Criteria

• iSuite was designed with the simple premise that applications need to be process centric

to succeed and provide value

• The processes that need to be supported by iSuite

Involve individuals/roles from within the enterprise as well as one or more

business partners or customers (who?)

§ Involve one or more products that are sold and serviced together to the same

customer (what?)

§ May be real-time or asynchronous (when?)

§ Involve the conditional workflow of reusable steps (how?)

§ Involve external information sources and targets that need to be serviced in realtime,

or asynchronously (who needs to know?)

• Above all, we need to recognize that any implementation will need to change frequently

in response to the market, or perceived flaws in the implemented processes

iSuite Customization Tools

iSuite is a data-driven solution powered by tools and a pre-populated business-centric

data model. Through the use of the iSuite toolset, a business’ technically savvy business

experts can define, develop, and test all elements of a product as well as establish the

logical workflow.

Software is an ongoing effort; the flexibility of iSuite enables companies to refine their

Business processes as their business objectives evolve. iSuite can be tailored to individual

needs using iSuite Custom Toolset that includes the following key engines:

Transaction Builder

Implementation teams use iSuite Custom Toolset to virtually customize every aspect of

the iSuite application like application modules, Menus, transaction/forms, data views,

product-definition, and object model, as well as interfaces to legacy and third-party

systems to exactly fit your business needs. This innovative toolset forms the integral part

of the application customization based on user/role.

iSuite Dashboard

Role-based dashboard can be defined to render a customized view. User can customize

the Dashboard to give the quick view of the right data he would like to look at.

iSuite Report Designer

iSuite Report Designer supports the needed reporting functionality, by enabling customspecific

drill-down and graphical reports.