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Full Functionality in One Place

Bevootech Property Agency ERP System is a complete modular solution providing real estate agencies with a holistic view of the company through the core functions of Agent Management System (AMS).

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Professional Real Estate Agent System

A specialised Real Estate Agent Resource Management (REARM) solution, Bevootech Property Agency ERP System is designed to provide real estate companies with accurate, comprehensive and real-time transaction reports.

AMS - Agent Management System
Known as the backbone of the entire Property Agency ERP System, AMS offers full support for an agency’s day-to-day backend operations. AMS covers core functions including Salesperson Management, Transaction Tracking, AR/AP Monitoring and Sales Reporting.
ABS - Account Business Suite
ABS is a proprietary accounting system equipped with well-defined workflows and logics customisation designed specifically for the real estate industry. With GL, Cashbook, AR, AP, Balance Sheet, P&L and Trial Balance integrated within our AMS, Property Agency ERP System can now be upgraded as an enterprise-grade solution.
SPO - Salesperson Online Module
SPO provides salespeople on-the-go with full access to their transaction activities, status and records. With internet access, SPO also allows them to submit transactions online, anytime and anywhere.
PMS - Project Management System
Handle project management better, easier and faster with PMS. It allows real estate agencies to manage multiple teams, monitor project sales and assign each team to separate projects simultaneously. Powered by a unique proprietary Commission Map Generator, PMS provides real estate companies with the ability to customise each project with different commission payouts.

Add-On Modules

POS - Point of Sales
Manage purchases of corporate goods and services with Bevootech POS system. By integrating Point of Sale (POS) to Salesperson Online Module (SPO), salespeople can acquire access to their past purchases, ensuring that resources are handled efficiently. With Inventory Control System, Bevootech POS system also allows management and accounting of inventories.
DMS - Debt Management System
Debt Management System allows the creation and management of in house receivables due from Salesperson, group or whole Agency. This robust and flexible system allows the deduction of miscellaneous expenditure such as annual subscription or training fees directly from Salesperson’s sales commission.

DMS allows the Agency to easily cross-check and manage the outstanding debt, and make the deduction, be it partial or full, from the Salesperson’s commission payable. In this case, DMS provides greater visibility and control over the management of receivables from within the estate agency.

FMS - Franchise Management System
Create unlimited franchisees within a single account with Bevootech Franchise Management System (FMS). With the ability to set individual franchisee commission and over-ride policies, FMS can help real estate agencies in their expansion journey.

“A Revolutionary Solution for Real Estate Agencies”

Property Agency ERP System at a Glance

Salesperson Management

Integrated into a single dashboard, it consolidates a salesperson’s data, transaction records and career path.

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Property Transaction Management

Allow easy tracking, monitoring and assembling of sales transactions in a single database for a holistic view.

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Basic Accounting

Manage the issuance of invoice, credit note, receipts, payment voucher, payable and receivable reports and deduction of miscellaneous fees from sales transactions. (Upgrade to a full-fledged accounting module is available per request).

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Integrated Accounting Modules

Tailored for the real estate industry, these coherent proprietary accounting modules provide all-in-one enterprise solutions with essential features such as General Ledger, Cashbook, Sales Order, Receivable, and Payable. It also covers financial reports such as Sales Taxes, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

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Commission Structure Generator

Arrange commission schemes and policies for each salesperson and handle the management of sales staff hierarchy. For complex sales incentive structure, this tool simplifies the inclusion of a bonus scheme.

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Sales reporting Tool

Provide sales report templates for any individual, group or company with established or customised queries. (Referral commission reports are included).

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Role and Security Policy

For better system management and control, it allows segregation of duties and definition of individual access rights.

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Calendar and Events

Organise transactions by scheduling appointments and events.

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E-Document Archive System

Allow fast and easy retrieval of essential sales documents such as Sales Agreement, Commission Agreement as well as related transaction documents with access trails. Sales transaction documents can also be archived electronically.

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Team Setup

Organise project team with selection criteria and preset conditions.

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Project Commission Map

With proprietary Tree Design Technology, it helps structure complex project commission payout and covers the inclusion of bonuses, departmental and marketing cost deductions.

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Project Reporting Tools

Provide report templates for an agency, a developer or a sales team ensuring systematic reporting.

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Project Accounting and Budgeting

Allow better control and analysis of projects by providing the project team with essential budgeting tools.

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Project Scheduler

Assigning teams on multiple projects and providing useful charts to help them handle conflicting schedules.

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Property Agency ERP System for Real Estate Industry

Complete, Powerful Solution in a Box
Utilised as an all-inclusive REARM solution, Property Agency ERP System comes with pre-installed software ready for implementation. Without requiring any additional hardware or third-party licenses, Property Agency ERP System is considered to be a cost-efficient investment for all real estate agencies.
Property Agency ERP System is a robust solution allowing quick and efficient commission structure re-adjustment. Given its flexibility, Property Agency ERP System lets users re-define their business flow as they learn more about the business and the entire sales team.
Ease of Use and Customisation
Equipped with highly-experienced consultants and custom software development, Property Agency ERP System offers real estate agencies with a fully-functional and customisable software suite.
Easily Maintained
Property Agency ERP System comes with efficient routine maintenance that includes fully-automated backups, updates and system maintenance, eliminating expensive maintenance and cost of ownership.
Faster Deployment
Deployed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) Property Agency ERP System prevents time-consuming installation and potential deployment issues such as misconfiguration and software and hardware incompatibility.

Maximise Your Agency’s Potential and Achieve Higher Productivity with Property Agency ERP System

Allow our experienced team of professionals to help you find what’s best for you, arrange system implementation and provide essential training for best results.

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