QR Code Carpark Management Solution

QR Code Carpark Management Solution 1

Do you want to keep track of vehicles in your carpark using QR Code?

Please find below more details on our QR Code Carpark Management Solution. Depending on your requirements, the system can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Carpark Management QR Code System

Usage Overview

  • Record carpark vehicles
  • Record season parking
  • Update season parking payment
  • Lot allocation

System Overview

  • Admin user login
  • Able to add/edit/archive vehicle details
    • Vehicle ID, Vehicle Type
      (contractor/vendor/visitor), Contact Person, Contact Number, IC, Allocated Lot Number, Season Parking Status
  • Able to generate QR code for each vehicle
  • Able to update season parking payment records
  • Able to scan QR code to check vehicle details and register
    the time in/out of vehicles
  • Report
    • Vehicles with Unpaid Season Parking (Date
    • Vehicles with Paid Season Parking (Date Range)

Project implementation from $2,500 onwards.
Contact us at sales@bevootech.com or call +65 8687 8143 to discuss in more detail.