QR Code Marketing Solutions for F&B

QR Code Marketing Solutions for F&B 1

Interested to attract new customers and build customer loyalty using QR Code?

Please find below more details on our QR Code Marketing Solutions for F&B. Depending on your requirements, the system can be customised to meet your specific needs.

QR Code Marketing Solutions for F&B

QR Codes Promotions

  • Restaurants and eateries use coupons and special promotions to generate interest and business at low-cost. Scanning QR Codes is simple and quick for consumers, and can be easily broadcast 24/7 any time any where.

QR Code Membership

  • Allow customers to sign up membership system by scanning a QR code. Customers get to gain points for visiting your restaurant, save their favourite dishes and pre-plan their order for future visits.

QR Code for Menu Pre-ordering

  • Are customers queuing and your waiters busy? Offer them a simple QR Code to browse your menu and plan their order. Once customer get seated, they can key scan the table QR Code to submit their order. Your customers will appreciate the ease of ordering.

QR Code Review

  • Leave Review QR Codes on your tables for your customers to scan so they can rate their experience as well as leave their details. This way you can collect important information about your customers as well as receive feedback and comments. Because QR Codes are so easy to scan, it is much better than having your customers type out a website address.


Project implementation from $10,000 onwards.
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