QR Code Payment Solution

QR Code Payment Solution 1
Do you want to allow your customers the convenience of payment simply by scanning QR code?

Please find below more details on our QR Code Payment Solution. Depending on your requirements, the system can be customised to meet your specific needs.

QR Code Payment Solution

Customer Payment Flow

  • Customer scans QR-Code and is directed to online page for making payment
  • Customer reviews order information (customer profile, delivery information, order items)
  • Customer enter Credit Card payment details and confirms payment
  • ** No need for any bank-specific wallet apps to make payment **

Backend System

  • Custom QR code generator
  • Order and Invoice management
  • Product management
  • Integration with PayPal for secure payment transaction management (PayPal transaction fees apply)

Project implementation from $50,000 onwards.
Contact us at sales@bevootech.com or call +65 8687 8143 to discuss in more detail.