CRM for Maid Agency

CRM for Maid Agency 1

Please find below more details on our CRM for your industry. Depending on your requirements, our CRM can be customised to meet your specific needs as well.

FDW Biodata Module

  • Keep track of FDW biodata
  • Contract management
  • Generate contract of employment with FDW biodata

Presales Module

  • Keep track of customer interactions/activities (meetings, discussions, feedback/comments, documents)
  • Keep track of salespeople follow-up activities
  • Keep track of all sales opportunities
  • Contact management
  • Document storage (contract documents, photos, etc)


  • Upcoming contract expiry dates
  • Upcoming maid work pass expiry dates
  • Salesperson overdue follow-up
  • Sales report by month
  • Sales report by salesperson