CRM for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinics

CRM for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinics 1
Please find below more details on our CRM for your industry. Depending on your requirements, our CRM can be customised to meet your specific needs as well.
SmartZhongYi TCM Clinic Management CRM System

System Functions:

  • Entire clinic workflow automation between frontdesk/clinic assistant and physician
  • Patient quick search with NRIC, Name, Contact, Address
  • Appointment management
  • Patient profile with full visitation history
  • Cash Sales function similar to POS
  • Issue and print receipts
  • Customisable TCM helping words dictionary
  • Customisable case note templates
  • Quick overview of entire patient visitation history
  • 4 step medical record (medical report, prescription, bill, medical certificate)
  • Medical report with TCM quick text entry and photo/file attachments
  • Medical prescription with quick copy feature from prescription history
  • Issue and print Medical Certification
  • Pharmacy inventory management
  • TCM prescription formula management
  • Clinic expense management
  • Healthcare package management based on sessions and total value

Inventory Reports:

  • Low stock report
  • Medicine expiry report
  • Inventory movement by day/month
  • Medicine costing report

Finance Reports:

  • Daily/monthly sales report
  • Daily/monthly sales report by service
  • Doctor daily service activity report
  • Doctor daily service revenue report
  • Daily/monthly cost report
  • Daily/monthly expense report
  • Daily Profit and Loss Report
  • Monthly Profit and Loss Report
  • Package Usage Reports
  • Daily package usage
SmartZhongYi TCM诊所客户管理系统


  • 诊所工作流程全部自动化,便捷前台服务/诊所助理与医师的沟通
  • 使用身份证,姓名,联系方式,地址即可快速检索资料
  • 预约服务管理
  • 包含全部历史记录的病人资料
  • 与POS机相似的现金销售功能
  • 处理并打印收据单
  • 可个性化设置的中医词汇表
  • 可个性化设置的医疗报告书写模板
  • 快速浏览病人全部历史资料
  • 四步创建医疗记录(医疗报告,医师处方, 账单,医疗证明)
  • 无需打字,点击选择相应关键词并附上图片资料即可创建病人医疗报告
  • 开具新处方时可从历史处方单中直接复制资料
  • 处理并打印医疗证明
  • 药房库存管理
  • 中药配方可直接调用,也可个性化设置
  • 诊所支出管理
  • 医疗服务套餐管理,提供按疗程或总价值两种使用方式


  • 低库存报告
  • 药品过期报告
  • 每日/每月存货动态
  • 项目成本核算报告


  • 日/月销售报告
  • 日/月销售报告(服务)
  • 医师每日活动报告
  • 医师每日收入报告
  • 日/月成本报告
  • 日/月支出报告
  • 每日盈亏帐目报告
  • 每月盈亏账目报告
  • 套餐使用报告
  • 每日套餐使用情况

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