What is IRAS-compliant Accounting Software?

What is IRAS-compliant Accounting Software?

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) maintains an Accounting Software Register of software classified as IRAS-compliant accounting software.

Although it’s not a requirement for accounting software to be IRAS-compliant, accounting software that are IRAS-compliant come with features that facilitate tax reporting and tax audit. Thus, using IRAS-compliant accounting software bring about productivity and compliance benefits.

Benefits of IRAS-compliant Accounting Software

* Easily prepare GST F5 return & IRAS Audit File (IAF) for IRAS tax filing
* Easily generate financial statements for tax reporting
* Comprehensive software usage documentation to guide users
* Built-in internal controls to ensure reliability of the data
* Audit trial features to support audit requirements
* Ability to archive and restore data
* Ability to automatically generate an IRAS audit file in case of a tax audit

Standard Accounting Software Features:

  • Manage all accounting and inventory management functions in the company
  • Real-time management dashboards
  • Accounts financial reporting
  • Support multi-company transactions and reporting
  • Supports multi-currency transactions and reporting
  • Role-based and customisable data access security
  • Flexibility of modifying transactions
  • Capable of handling transactions up to past 18 months
  • Support recording of advance and post-dated cheques (PDC)
  • Support insertion of previous month entries when required
  • Supports computation of sales commissions
  • Supports Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation
  • Audit trail reports
  • Supports unrealised Gain/Loss computation
  • Ease of generating monthly profit * loss and balance sheet report
  • Accounts consolidation
  • Supports project accounting


IRAS Accounting Software Register:


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70% Grant on Your Accounting Software

Eligible SMEs can apply for grant up to 70% for IRAS-compliant accounting software.