Best Social Media Security Tips Your Employees Should Know

Best Social Media Security Tips Your Employees Should Know

We can’t deny the fact that we love to connect, engage and share things with people. As such, it isn’t surprising to see why social media platforms have become instantly popular worldwide. Social media channels allow us to reach people from all over the world faster than any other medium can. But despite its benefits, social media platforms also come with a list of disadvantages. For starters, it can pose a threat to an organisation’s cybersecurity. Your best bet is to educate your employees about social media security.

Best Social Media Security Tips Your Employees Should Know

Best Social Media Security Tips Your Employees Should Know

Given the role of social media in business communications today, social media security has become more important than ever. Thus, implementing a social media strategy is necessary. 

  • Understand the company’s policies

Most employees want to boost their profile or the company’s image by posting on social media. While they may be acting in good faith, doing so may actually cause more harm than good. The best way to avoid breaking a company’s rules is to go through the policy itself. Ask your employees to review your company guidelines regarding the use of social media. Let them know that if anything seems confusing, they can easily talk to someone from your human resources department.

  • Avoid oversharing

Oversharing on social media tends to happen to a lot of people, be it in personal or professional life. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your employees are well-informed about the steps needed to do to mitigate the risks of accidentally sharing information such as product release date or upcoming features. 

  • Use strong password

The most common problem that often leads to successful data breaches is the use of simple passwords. Your employees, for instance, tend to use passwords they are familiar with such as their birthday rather than thinking of complex ones. However, this action also allows hackers to guess their passwords easily. To protect your social media accounts from cybercriminals, the use of strong, complex passwords is a must. 

  • Avoid leaving social media accounts unattended

Creating an account and using your brand’s handle on all social media platforms even if you aren’t planning to use them all right away is a great idea to maintain a consistent social media presence. However, it’s important not to ignore the accounts you aren’t using yet or those you have stopped using. 

Unattended social media accounts are prone to vulnerabilities. These channels can be the target of cybercriminals who can start using your accounts for fraudulent acts without you even noticing. 

What You Can Do to Increase Social Media Security

As a business owner, there are also a lot of ways you can do to help your employees protect your business against cybercrimes while leveraging the power of social media. 

  • Set up a social media policy

Whether you’re now using social media or you’re planning to, creating a social media policy is a must. Not only this can protect you from cybersecurity issues, it can also save you from bad PR or any legal problem. 

A sound social media policy includes:

  • Employee access that should specify what employees are allowed to use at work
  • Guidelines regarding the use of personal social media
  • Social media activities to avoid
  • Guidelines on creating strong passwords
  • Security requirements
  • Policy on copyright and confidentiality
  • Tips on avoiding scams and other security attacks
  • Train your staff about social media security threats

Without proper training, a social media policy can’t protect your company against possible attacks. Social media training will give your employees the chance to ask questions and learn more about social media use. On the other hand, this training will give you an opportunity to review the latest social media threats, allowing you to plan and equip your company with the proper tools. 

  • Limit access to increase social media security

According to Egress’ Insider Data Breach Survey 2021, 94% of organisations have suffered from insider data breaches in 2020. 84% of the IT leaders said that human error was the top cause of serious incidents. To protect your business against these mistakes, limiting access to your social media accounts is necessary. 

A password manager can be of great help in this matter. It is an advanced tool that can help you manage all login credentials securely. With this system in place, you can now easily give or revoke access to someone whenever you need to.  

  • Regularly check for possible social media security issues

Social media security threats are becoming more sophisticated than ever. With hackers constantly coming up with new strategies, regularly checking your social media security measures can be of great help. At least once every quarter, you might need to check the following:

  • Social media privacy settings
  • Access and publishing privileges
  • New social media security threatYour company’s social media policy

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