How to Balance Business Agility and Security in the Cloud

How to Balance Business Agility and Security in the Cloud

Given the need to adapt to digital transformation, many businesses have shifted their focus to improving their business agility. But in order to support the new world of cloud infrastructure, security leaders should also enhance security. The key is to find the balance between enhancing ability and improving cybersecurity. 

With hybrid cloud environments gaining more and more traction, it’s now becoming a lot easier for businesses to deploy applications and workload on the cloud without the need for IT staff assistance. While this increases business productivity, it also poses greater risks for cyberattacks and data breaches. 

According to the Verizon Business 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), phishing and ransomware attacks increased by 11 percent and 6 percent respectively while attacks on web applications represented 39% of all breaches.

The Critical Security Challenges of Today

In a 2021 webinar hosted by Cyber Management Alliance with Tufin, the US-based Security Policy Management company, three critical security challenges have been discussed:

  1. Organisations are launching new applications rapidly. To launch them successfully, these applications must be connected through an increasingly complex and fragmented network. While these connections are necessary, every new application connection increases the chances of hackers exploiting the company and its critical infrastructure. 
  2. With the demands in the cybersecurity industry, network engineers are now struggling to keep up.
  3. Implementing application connections manually is time-consuming. It can take days or weeks and can also lead to errors resulting in new security risks. 

Best Practices for Balancing Business Agility and Security in the Cloud

Best Practices for Balancing Business Agility and Security in the Cloud

Here’s a list of effective practices companies can use to balance business agility and security in the cloud:

  • Implement a “shift left” approach to security

One of the most essential principles in safeguarding a hybrid cloud environment is implementing security by design practices for software development. This means shifting security to the left, where it hasn’t been originally: into the development organisation. So instead of creating an application and then focusing on security afterwards, it is best to integrate security considerations at the early onset. 

  • Leverage reusable, reliable components

Cloud infrastructure is designed around the concept of reusable components that can help speed up both the development and deployment of new services. This can also ensure that security is integrated even from the early stages.

Reusing trusted components can eventually nurture trust in systems, data and designs. Thus, allowing organisations to implement a proactive approach that can reduce risks and possible attacks. 

  • Look for trusted cloud partners

Security should be a shared responsibility between you as the customer and your cloud provider. Your cloud provider should be responsible for securing the entire cloud infrastructure while your role is to secure all data running in the cloud. As such, you need to make sure to look for a trusted cloud partner whose policies best fit your needs in terms of sophistication and configuration. 

Reliable cloud partners have integrated the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for advanced threat monitoring, detection and response. These critical tools are essential for processing high volumes of data to identify possible threats and automate response. 

  • Remain agile

To balance business agility and security, security platforms with the cloud as their address will need to remain agile themselves. Given the wider distribution of data and the new types of applications, 24/7 protection is necessary. 

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