How to be an Outstanding Salesperson

How to be an Outstanding Salesperson
In every organisation, there tend to be certain salespeople that stand out from the crowd. Not mainly outstanding in terms of results, but it just seems that every one on the team wants this person to succeed, the boss, the subordinates, the marketing team, the support team, the administrative team, and even the janitor!

We spent time studying the traits and characteristics of such salespeople and found the secrets to their success.

Everyone and anyone in sales should read this.

1. Outstanding salespeople play well in teams.

While being competitive, they also help team mates sincerely. It is easy to understand why they are able to garner support from fellow salepeople, who are usually also competitors. Naturally, outstanding salespeople are become the go-to people for guidance and advice. This trait exhibits well their leadership potential.

2. Outstanding salespeople give credit.

They know that everyone in the company who provides support to customer is important to customer satisfaction. And by giving credit to the staff who help in the success of delivering to customer satisfaction, staff actually get motivated to work harder for the success of the salesperson.

3. Outstanding salespeople focus on building their referral network.

They spend good time taking care of their customers, to ensure the customers are able to get what they want and eventually are so happy and satisfied with the service that they want to refer friends to buy.

4. Outstanding salespeople are sincere in their approach to selling.

It’s ok to lose a deal and recommend the customer something more suitable, but it’s never alright to sell someone a product who wouldn’t need or use it. Selling to someone who doesn’t need the product does not go in line with building long term customer loyalty. In fact, a salesperson who sells just for numbers, and does not care about customers attract very bad reputations.

5. Outstanding salespeople are great at followup (and most likely use a CRM).

They don’t ask for the same information from customers twice, so customers know that they actually did listen and take down notes. Customers can eventually feel that the salesperson really does care about the deal and most customers do appreciate followup for something they need. Regular followups to clarify customer doubts and provide information lead to the sales, rather than high pressure sales tactics.

That’s everything in a nutshell of our findings.

What else do you see in some of the outstanding salespeople you have come across? Share with us in the comments section below.

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