The Effects of Digitisation on Recruitment After a Pandemic

The Effects of Digitisation on Recruitment After a Pandemic

Digitisation in recruitment has changed and evolved rapidly over the past few years and even more so after the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given such circumstances, our reliance on digitalisation has gradually intensified. Thanks to technological innovations, businesses are still able to carry out their day-to-day business operations despite the limitations on human interactions.

The role of digitisation in the human resource and recruitment industry has always been available worldwide. While conducting meetings and interviews via Skype and Zoom have been readily available for years, not all organisations are willing to utilise these platforms unless they badly need to. With the implementation of travel restrictions and social distancing measures, the need for automation for various recruitment processes has been emphasised to keep the connections between the organisations and the potential candidates.

With more and more companies gearing towards digitised working practices, the need for physical interactions is more likely to decline. For many recruiters, the COVID-1o pandemic has forced them to implement virtual work practices as face-to-face interactions have been prohibited. However, this practice might be challenging to many as recruitment processes are done via virtual interactions tend to require more time and effort.

Despite the challenges brought by digitisation in recruitment, these issues are outnumbered by its advantages. Here’s a list of the essential benefits of technology in today’s recruitment industry.

Automated recruitment techniques

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest challenges faced by most recruiters is the shortage of talents. As face-to-face interactions were restricted and social distancing measures were implemented, more and more companies begin to retrench talents in order to minimise overhead costs.

As the economy gradually reopens, recruiters are now expected to deal with a massive demand for talents. However, recruitment isn’t as easy as it was before the pandemic. Today, recuiters have to face a large number of online assessments and job interviews which they have to accomplish as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

In this case, automated recruitment techniques can be of great help. Online platforms such as Jobstreet, LinkedIn and Monster help jobseekers to easily find the best position that suits their skills. In turn, these job posting sites are beneficial for recruiters as they can help them source the best candidates for their organisations. Indeed, the digitisation of recruitment helps speed up the entire recruitment process and increases the chances of finding the best talents.

Virtual interviews

Job interviews are one of the most vital parts of the recruitment process. In fact, the job interview is a make or break decision that every recruiter should prioritise.

As digitisation in recruitment slowly grows in popularity powerful online tools designed to carry out online interviews began to exist. What’s more, other applications even let recruiters know more about the candidates through their non-verbal signals.

By saving time, effort and resources for both the recruiters and the candidates, these online application tools can surely contribute to the success of both parties.

Job postings

Recruiters are widely known for their well-produced and easy-to-find job postings. These job postings are essential for a fast and effective recruitment process. However, most recruiters are struggling to create captivating job postings due to their heavy workload.

With more companies implementing the work from home setup and the flexible working hours, recruiters have gotten more time to spend drafting their company’s job postings.

Given today’s technological era, recruiters are encouraged to pay more attention to writing impeccable job advertisements that will appeal to their target candidates. Efficient online text metric tools, for instance, can help recruiters create well-written texts that are highly targeted at the right audience.



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people think, live and even hire. While no one knows when this trying time will pass, one thing is certain: the recruitment industry doesn’t have to suffer much longer. 

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