Ultimate Guide to Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Ultimate Guide to Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Whether you’re looking out for ways to minimise your operating costs, improve customer service or finding new techniques to manage your file workers on service calls efficiently, adopting Field Service Management Software (FSM) can be the best solution. 

Managing a team of service field workers is one of the most complex tasks most organisations are facing today. With a lot of variables needed to be logged, monitored and managed regularly, investing a significant amount of time and focus in this task alone is required. Since handling this part mostly involves human labor, miscommunications, delays and errors often occur. Fortunately, technical solutions such as Field Service Management Software now exist. 

What is Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Field Service Management Software or simple FSM is a technology that enables field services companies to automate their field operations through the help of mobile systems. It allows businesses to effectively deliver onsite services monitoring requests, scheduling service orders, dispatching agents and tracking job status and vehicle locations. Furthermore, FSM provides efficient communications tools allowing real-time and efficient connections between the field and the office. 

With Field Service Management Software field workers can instantly and remotely access all crucial information stored in your company’s FMS solution. Thus, allowing them to work proactively and perform each task with a higher level of professionalism. As a result, FSM can help businesses meet or even better, exceed customer’s expectations. 

Field Service Management Software can be beneficial for any business whose workers spend the most time in the field. These industries include:

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable Service Providers
  • Healthcare and Medical Services Provider
  • Food Services Equipment
  • Cleaning Services
  • HVAC

Key Features of Field Service Management Software (FSM)

There are a lot of Field Service Management Software available in the market today. While most of these systems are now usually offered in different packages with various add-ons, it is essential that you look for a sophisticated FSM that contains a list of key features for its core functionality. 

Some of the key features of a reliable Field Service Management Software include: 

Automated job scheduling and dispatching

With automated job scheduling and dispatching, everything can happen simultaneously without sacrificing accuracy. Scheduling dispatch is known to be the core of day-to-day operations. To run a smooth and almost error-free organisation, staying on top of the schedule should be prioritised. 

Field Service Management Software enables dispatchers to track a technician’s locations, allowing them to coordinate more efficiently for better and more accurate scheduling. Efficient scheduling and dispatching mean more jobs completed resulting in higher customer experience. 

Mobile access

A Field Service Management Software mobile interface allows mobile workers to receive dispatch, view their schedule and mark work orders directly on their phones. FSM mobile app enables the information they need in the field. Moreover, they can gain access to instructional materials that can help them resolve complex issues. 

GPS Integration

Ensuring on-time delivery of services is vital for successful field operations. With GPS tracking, businesses can get the exact location of their workers on-site as well as their planned route in real-time. GPS integration is useful especially in times of emergency. Even better, it can help dispatchers in job scheduling ensuring that more jobs are handled on time. 

What to Consider When Choosing Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

What to Consider When Choosing Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Like any other system, Field Service Management Software varies from one vendor to another. As such, you need to have a complete understanding of your needs before going into the market for product comparison. Considering key factors such as the following might be important.


  • Pricing
  • Mobility
  • Deployment

Who Can Use Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Who Can Use Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Field Service Management Software can be beneficial for companies whose core functions involve installations, services and/or repairs of various equipment and systems. Combining all solutions in a centralised interface, FSM helps companies improve their overall field operations.

FSM can be used by many individuals including but not limited to:


Dispatchers are considered the brains of a field service company. These individuals manage the schedules of each technician while working simultaneously on the entire team’s schedule. Field Service Management Software can automate these tasks, allowing dispatchers to work on scheduling tasks a lot easier while also managing other emergent situations.  

Thankfully, ERP software has transformed work processes, improving workflow visibility. With an open database, you can now have real-time updates from your supplier abroad at your local headquarters.


FSM can help technicians in a lot of ways possible. From receiving dispatch notifications, handling invoices, receiving payments, ordering new equipment to checking inventory, a Field Service Management Software allows technicians to access and perform all these essential functions on-site using their mobile devices. With a reliable FSM, companies can speed up the quotations, invoicing and payment processes. Furthermore, it can help prevent problems often caused by verbal communication and mishandled paperwork.


Managers also play a crucial role in the success of field operations. Their job is to ensure that technicians are assigned to the jobs that suit their skills. Managers are also responsible for ensuring that the entire team uses their time well completing their tasks. Furthermore, they are assigned to make sure that every person on the team abides by the company and safety protocols. 

FSM enables team managers to manage these responsibilities in a split second by providing them with access to view the schedule of each technician and the jobs assigned to them. 

Customer Support Staff

While their core business is to provide on-site services, most field services companies still opt to hire customer support staff to deal with inquiries, reported errors and other customer experience related concerns. These customer support employees can also benefit from FSM as they will need to gain access to customer information, FSM can instantly provide them with the details they need to view the job status and to understand which course of action they need to follow without the need to contact technicians. 

Bevootech: Field Service Management Software

Bevootech: Field Service Management Software

Automate your field operations for better productivity with Field Service Management Software. Manage your quotations efficiently, experience fast scheduling and dispatching and track your workers’ locations in real-time with the most sophisticated field operations solutions. 

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