CRM Presales Features and Usage

CRM Presales Features and Usage

This page explains the basic features and usage of the CRM Pre-Sales modules. This serves as an overview to guide users on what each module is about in layman terms.

CRM Pre-Sales Features and Usage

Contact Management
– Able to track all contact related information (activities, comments, documents, opportunities)

Lead Management
– Able to track all leads related information (activities, comments, documents)
– A lead can be converted to Contact (linked to the account), Account and Opportunity (linked to the account). During conversion, the Lead record will be removed. Future followup has to be done at the created Account, Contact, and Opportunity records.
– The difference between Lead and Account is that Account is able to keep track of sales Opportunities, while Lead is considered to be early stage and not tied to any sales opportunity yet.

Account Management
– Able to track all account related information (activities, comments, contacts, documents, opportunities)

Opportunity Management
– Able to track all opportunity related information (activities, comments, contacts, documents)
– Able to attach the quotation as documents in the Opportunity Record. Also can upload all versions of quotations or files relevant to the sales opportunity.

CRM Pre-Sales Workflow
Track status of Leads
–> Convert to Account when there is a real sales Opportunity
–> Keep track of Opportunity by using Opportunity Status until the status is Sales Won/Lost

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